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About Tilos


Tilos has about 800 inhabitants, in two villages Livadia and Megalo Horio. Livadia has most of the tourist facilities, including your arrival port, bank, post-office, telemedicine station, Tilos information’s office.

Megalo Horio is the island’s capital with the municipality, a small paleontological museum and one of the seven castles of the island.

Mikro Horio, a lovely place, a village which until 1944 had 1200 inhabitants, but it was abounded when the villagers migrated to the port of Livadia.

Tilos celebrations days - Festivals

- St. Panteleimon day is celebrated on the 27th of July
- Virgin Mary is celebrated on the 15th of August
- Virgin Mary nine days is celebrated on the 23rd of August
- St. John day, is celebrated on the 2nd of September

Special Services

Tilos has a great palaeontological interest, as remains of prehistoric elephants have been found on the island in the Charkadio cave, a cave full of skeletal elephants smaller then the usual ones. Professor Simeonidis has made this discover in 1971. Some of these Skeletons have been assembled and they are exposed at the Museum of Megalo Horio.

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Tilos History

The island history originated after a territorial separation from the coast of Asia.

During the years of its existence, the island was inhabited by a mixture of nations and accepted a mixture of civilizations. The island passed sequentially from pre-Greeks to Dorians in 1000 BC, after that to the Venetians, to the Knights of St. John in 1310 AD, to the Turks in 1552 AD, in order to return to the modern arms of its maternal Hellenistic past in 1948.

Tilos was inhabited from the Neolithic era (8000-7000 BC), to which the important and impressive paleontological findings of prehistoric elephants bear witness. Their skeletons were found after the excavations that took place in Charkadio cave. Other excavations prove the Minoans and subsequently the Mycenaeans also lived on Tilos, as in other Dodecanese islands. The island was also inhabited by the Pelasgians and this can be seen from the walls that were found.

Herodotus spoke of the golden age of Tilos in the 7th century BC, during which Tilini of Gelas colonized Sicily with Tilos islanders and Lindos residents.

In the 5th century BC, Tilos became part of the Athenian confederacy and remained dependent upon the island of Rhodes, until it passed to the Romans. The richness of the archaeological finds dating from the Roman and early-Christian times reflects the island prosperity.

As long ago as 350 BC, the poet Irinna was born on Tilos and at an early age became inspired by the rich and diverse natural beauty of the island, the variety of its landscapes and the surrounding Aegean Sea.

Its prosperity continued until the great earthquake of 550 AD. After that, Tilos followed the history of Rhodes, with which it was unified.

During the Byzantine era Tilos together with Nisyros, Kos and Samos constituted the Prefecture of Samos. The Knights of St. John inhabited the island and rebuilt or built three of the castles that exist on the island.

In 1522 the island became part of the Ottoman Empire and was under the special financial and administrative status of "maktou" islands.

Finally, in 1948 Tilos returned to the modern arms of its maternal Hellenistic past.

From pre-Greeks the island passed sequentially to the Dorians in 1000 BC.

Useful telephone numbers

Tilos Municipality
Tel: 0030-2246-44212

Livadia medical office
Tel: 0030-22460-44219

Megalo Horio medical office
Tel: 0030-22460-44210

Post office
Tel: 0030-22460-44249

Police Department
Tel: 0030-22460-44222

Coast Guard- Port authorities
Tel: 0030-22460-44350

Alpha Bank
Tel: 0030- 22460- 44403

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